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       Daily Menu

 Daily menu from 18.11.- 22.11 to download here:


Monday 18.11.2019


Lentille soup

 35,- Kč

Maxi soup as a main dish


 60,- Kč



150g Rumpsteak with camembert                                  

Grilled beef rumpsteak with thin slices of camembert and cranberries served with french fries   

(alergeny:  7 )                                                        

155 Kč/5,20€/*195,-Kč


Menu 2




150g Pork „Perkelt“                                                               

Traditional Hungarian pork paprika-goulash served with dumplings or pasta                      


125 Kč/5,20,-€

 Menu 3


Risotto with chicken                                                            

Italian risotto with chicken, dryed tomatoes and rocket salad                                                                

(alergeny: 1,3,7 )   

125 Kč/4,80,-€

 Menu 4  Tip of the Week :


150g Roasted veal with grilled mushrooms                           

Slowly roasted veal stuffed with dryed plums and apricots with bellpeppers and parsil served with grilled mushrooms marinated in fresh herbs with mashed parmesani potatoes

(alergens: 7)                                                                                                          

                 Young Saint Martin´s wines fromFamily Winery


                                  SEDLÁK VELKÉ BÍLOVICE

                Modrý Portugal  2019

                Müller Thurgau  2019

                Zweigeltrebe rosé  2019                                                                     

 165 Kč/9,40,-€



 49 Kč




Salad with Fish nuggets                                                   

Mix of fresh green salad leaves with fried fish nuggets

(alergeny:1,3,7 )       

145 Kč/6€ 



dessert by Daily menu


salad by Daily menu


 29,- Kč

*complete menu – soup, main food, drink (home lemonade,home ice tea)

for 10 menu –eleventh free

in time from 11:30 – 15:00 discount 35% on all food from stable dining menu






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