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Half board in the hotel restaurant

During your stay you can use  a Half Board Menu in our hotel restaurant.

For the price of 18 € we give you a three-course menu (appetizer / soup - main course - dessert) of your choice.

It can be used for lunch or dinner.

Drinks are not included in the price of menu.



Catfish Carpaccio

Thin slices of filet of catfish with mild dill sauce and pea sprouts


Baked Beet root with sheep cheese

Thin slices of marinated baked beetroot with creamy sheep cheese leaves of baby spinach 


Aubergine tartarre

Finely chopped grilled eggplant with smoked dried tomatoes, a drop of virgin olive oil and crispy toast


Smoked pork tenderloin

In the cold smoke prepared pork tenderloin with horseradish apple and puree from young peas and smoked demi glace




Rich Oxtail Beef Broth

with Noodles and Julienne Vegetable



Traditional old fashioned cream soup with dill, mushrooms, potatoes and poached egg


Warm Appetizers

80 g

Grilled goats cheese 

Grilled goats cheese with walnuts marinated in honey with crispy toast 


 Specialities of Czech cuisine

200 g

Veal cheeks

Veal cheeks stewed on vegetables served with roasted spinach and potato pureé


200 g

Boneless duck leg confit

Duck leg confit stuffed with pork scratchlings with red cabbage and roasted potato dumplings


200 g

Onion Rabbit

Rabbit legs prepared „sous vide“ with creamy onion sauce and baked potato pie with bacon,eggs and garlic 


180 g

Roasted beef with creamy sauce

Traditional Czech wedding meal.Roast beef served with a delicious vegetable/cream sauce and Carslbad bread dumplings


200 g

Beef Goulash

Typical homemade goulash served with two kinds of dumplings



Cold sauces


BBQ, chilli, garlic, youghurt with fines herbsi


Warm sauces


pepper, cheese, fresh chanterelle



200 g

Fillet from pike perch

Fillet of pike perch ( a king of czech Sweet-water Fishes) at the South Bohemian butter

with lemon rissoto and glazé baby carrots


200 g

Steak from salmon

Norwegian salmon filet on home made mixture of spices grilled on butter

with young spinach and slices of grilled aubergine 


Meats from grill 


Chicken breast Supreme

Juicy chicken breast with wing bones stuffed with herbed butter accomplished with creamy beet root pureé    




Casarecce peperonchiny „Aglio-olio“

Spicy casarecce with garlic, pepperoni , olive oil and parmesani 



Fettuccine al salmone

Fettuchine with delicate cream sauce with salmon, fresh spinach leaves, seasoned with sauce of fresh herbs



Risotto al funghi porcini

Italian risotto with roasted mushrooms, shallots prepared on white wine with parmesan cheese and fresh arugula 



Gnocchi carne di manzo

Potato gnocchi with slices of beef meat, dryed tomatoes, rocket salad and parmesani 




Caesar salát

A juicy mix of romaine lettuce, crunchy croutons and Parmesan crowned with the special Caesar dressing with anchovies, sautéed Italian bacon and chicken steak strips



Greek Salad

A simple mix of crunchy lettuce, olives, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers seasoned with feta cheese, virgin olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs



Salad with Grilled entrecóte

filet of grilled entrecóte on lettuce with homemade sundried tomatoes, cucumber and black olives with mustard dressing, lime juice and olive oil



Salad with goats cheese

mesclun salad with marinated beetroot, thyme whipped goat cheese, pine nuts and fine vinnaigrette


Side Dishes

served only with a main course



Mashed potatoes



Ratte Potatoes with Butter



Roasted potatoes with herbs



Grilled vegetables

Aubergine, zuchinni, bell peppers and champignons grilled on olive oil



Stewed jasmine rice



Steak French fries



Vegetable cous-cous




„Sachr torte“

Traditional homemade chocolate cake recipe according to Vienna by Franz Sacher



Créme bruleé

Delicate cream with real vanilla and caramelized cane sugar



Lime cake

fresh and light dessert to an original recipe from southern Italy



Selection of Cheese with a Caramelized Pear

A selection of traditional cheese from around the world, served with caramelized pear, roasted walnuts and grapes 





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