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Green Garden

The Green Garden is the ideal space for any family event such as a wedding, graduation ceremony, birthday, as well as company gathering or a party.

Are you looking for a peaceful oasis in one of the busiest, most hectic parts of Prague? Would you like to sit amongst friends while enjoying a cup of quality coffee? Do you need time to ease your mind while contemplating what future steps will you take in your professional or personal life? Then visit the Green Garden Hotel on Fügnerovo Square, and enter the hotel’s enchanting Green Garden. What catches your interest at first is the original design of this area. You will be absolutely astonished by the overhead storied brightly painted glass, which measures incredible 9 meters. Here the author, Mr. Moidl, expressed his imaginative vision of Prague’s romantic corners, which are situated on the banks of Vltava River below Hradčany. For this piece, he chose models from pictures of world famous baroque and renaissance masters such as Tizian, Hendrick van Balen, Hans von Aachen, and others. 

Important part of the setting is a hand-carved book cabinet from the end of the 19th century. Russian painter Gudimenko artistically and skilfully portrayed eminent Czech historical figures such as Jan Amos Komenský, Master Jan Hus, and Charles the 4th. These exceptional works are in wood frames that were hand-carved by master Jeslík. The three portrayed personalities remain symbols of education, bravery, honesty, courage, and brilliant creative power.

Master Gudimenko is also the author of oil painting of Shri Bhagavan and his wife Amma. Shri Bhagavan is an avatar who lives in southeast India. He possesses an absolutely unique ability to channel and transmit healing cosmic energy, and he cures people who travel to his centre of unification and illumination – Golden City.

If you want to be caressed by a ray of sunlight that shines down through the trees, you can simply open the sky-roof above the garden. By just sitting back in this garden, you will regain lost peace and harmony, you will feel noticeably better, you will be able to face the future and rise above adversity.

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