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Catfish Carpaccio

Thin slices of filet of catfish with mild dill sauce and pea sprouts

190 Kč

Beet root Raviolly

Thin slices of marinated beetroot with French cheese Brie de Meux on leaves of baby spinach and radishes

190 Kč

Aubergine tartarre

Finely chopped grilled eggplant with smoked dried tomatoes, a drop of virgin olive oil and crispy toast

175 Kč

Smoked pork tenderloin

In the cold smoke prepared pork tenderloin with horseradish apple and puree from young peas and smoked demi glace

175 Kč



Rich Oxtail Beef Broth

with Noodles and Julienne Vegetable

75 Kč


Traditional old fashioned cream soup with dill, mushrooms, potatoes and poached egg

85 Kč

Warm Appetizers

80 g

Beef Tagliata

Slices of Beef seasoned with rosemary, whole pepper and olive oil served on sizzling hot-plate

 190 Kč 

100 g

Octopuss on wine

In red wine marinated octopus with Bloody Mary jelly, balsamic reduction and fresh herbs

 199 Kč

 Specialities of Czech cuisine

200 g

Veal cheeks

Veal cheeks stewed on vegetables served with roasted spinach and potato pureé

255 Kč

200 g

Boneless duck leg confit

Duck leg confit stuffed with pork scratchlings with red cabbage and roasted potato dumplings

255 Kč

200 g

Old fashioned style rabbit

Rabbit legs prepared „sous vide“ with root vegetables, bacon and potato wedges roasted in lard

295 Kč

180 g

Roasted beef with creamy sauce

Traditional Czech wedding meal.Roast beef served with a delicious vegetable/cream sauce and Carslbad bread dumplings

249 Kč

200 g

Beef Goulash

Typical homemade goulash served with two kinds of dumplings

240 Kč

Beef steaks matured meat 



It is a high-quality meat with a specific taste that is perfect for culinary processing.

With good way of eating animal meat with a high degree of marbling,

moreover, it is characterized by fragility, tenderness and juiciness.

Beef steaks are prepared according to your wishes - rare, medium, well - done.

For the best experience of our steaks, chef don´t recommended treatment well - done.




Flank steak

wide flat piece of muscle from the bottom of the navel of a young bull.


200 g


285 Kč

300 g


365 Kč

400 g


445 Kč


Rump steak

Delicious and juicy steak from best of beef rump


200 g


285 Kč

300 g


365 Kč

400 g


445 Kč


Rib eye

Cut the rib-eye steaks. It is marbled with fat, so often described as the most succulent steak. Now the fat gives this typical steak taste


200 g


325 Kč

300 g


435 Kč

400 g


545 Kč

Cold sauces


BBQ, chilli, garlic, youghurt with fines herbsi

39 Kč

Warm sauces


pepper, cheese, fresh chanterelle

39 Kč


200 g

Fillet from pike perch

Fillet of pike perch ( a king of czech Sweet-water Fishes) at the South Bohemian butter with sweet potato puree, sauce of bacon and cream and caramelized cauliflower

355 Kč

200 g

Steak from salmon

Norwegian salmon filet on a bed of grilled polenta with rissoto of black rice, red wine poached young onions and balsamic vinegar

395 Kč



Spaghetti in pergamena

Spaghetti with roasted pieces of dried tomatoes with a delicate goat cheese, fresh arugula softened virgin olive oil wrapped in parchment paper

 225 Kč

100 g

Fettuccine al salmone

Fettuchine with delicate cream sauce with salmon, fresh spinach leaves, seasoned with sauce of fresh herbs

 239 Kč


Risotto al funghi porcini

Italian risotto with roasted mushrooms, shallots prepared on white wine with parmesan cheese and fresh arugula 

 235 Kč



Caesar salát

A juicy mix of romaine lettuce, crunchy croutons and Parmesan crowned with the special Caesar dressing with anchovies, sautéed Italian bacon and chicken steak strips

 245 Kč


Greek Salad

A simple mix of crunchy lettuce, olives, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers seasoned with feta cheese, virgin olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs

 209 Kč


Salad with Grilled entrecóte

filet of grilled entrecóte on lettuce with homemade sundried tomatoes, cucumber and black olives with mustard dressing, lime juice and olive oil

 235 Kč


Salad with goats cheese

mesclun salad with marinated beetroot, thyme whipped goat cheese, pine nuts and fine vinnaigrette

 215 Kč

Side Dishes

served only with a main course



Mashed potatoes

79 Kč


Ratte Potatoes with Butter

79 Kč


Roasted potatoes with herbs

79 Kč


Grilled vegetables

Aubergine, zuchinni, bell peppers and champignons grilled on olive oil

79 Kč


Stewed jasmine rice

79 Kč


Steak French fries

79 Kč


Vegetable cous-cous

79 Kč



„Sachr torte“

Traditional homemade chocolate cake recipe according to Vienna by Franz Sacher

 119 Kč


Créme bruleé

Delicate cream with real vanilla and caramelized cane sugar

 109 Kč


Lime cake

fresh and light dessert to an original recipe from southern Italy

 109 Kč


Selection of Cheese with a Caramelized Pear

A selection of traditional cheese from around the world, served with caramelized pear, roasted walnuts and grapes 

219 Kč




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